FlyTampa – Toronto MSFS Update v1.1

FlyTampa enhanced even further their last scenery for MSFS : Toronto CYYZ. The most important airport of Canada.

The interior terminal has received now 3D passengers. Several objects, textures, and buildings also got adjustments and fixes. Use again the Universal Installer delivered by simMarket and retrieve the latest files automatically in their update 1.1.

Toronto MSFS Changelog v1.1

  • Fixed Papi lights
  • Fixed windsocks
  • Added passengers to T1 front section
  • Added dashed parking lines (A/B)
  • Added landside road traffic
  • Relabeled deicing pad signs
  • Added static deicing trucks
  • Added star to world map
  • Added airline parking codes
  • Changed runways open/close setup.
  • Updated hotel and office logos
  • Adjusted Skylink train speed
  • Evened out terrain mounds
  • Changed exclusion code for LVFR static
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2 years ago

the most important airport of Canada. LOL

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