IndiaFoxtEcho – T-45C Goshawk MSFS Update v1.2.4

The trainer aircraft T-45C Goshawk with carrier capability received a new update v1.2.4 for MSFS.

With the new version, IndiaFoxtEcho added the partial support for Tacan Station. Find more details in the full changelog below.

Changelog v1.2.4

  • Removed obsolete Javascript code for HUD collimation
  • Removed unused Javascript code for Flight Director functions
  • Removed unused Javascript code for Boeing FMA
  • Removed unused code for vertical speed indicator
  • Added partial support for true TACAN STATION (Bearing and distance)*
  • Reworked in-cockpit mouse areas for proper TACAN support
  • Fixed minor bug in ADI mode commanded heading cue
  • Fixed minor bug in HSI PLAN mode
  • Fixed minor bugs in sound package
  • Added missing radio tuning, TACAN tuning and remove before flight ribbons sound effects

*NOTE: TACAN panel will still behave primarily as a NAV2 receiver, however if tuned to a TACAN station (not a VORTAC) avionics will now display bearing and distance from the station. CDI information for true TACAN station may not be correctly supported at the moment.

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