Drzewiecki Design – Washington Landmarks MSFS Update v1.2

Washington Landmarks was one of the first and already impressive add-ons released for MSFS, and developed by Drzewiecki Design.

They found some areas where it was possible to implement further enhancements into their scenery for the federal capital city of USA with animated flags wind-dependent, custom car on bridges, and other optimization fixes.

Changelog Update v1.2

  • Brand new, high-quality Washington Monument model added, with interior and dedicated sounds
  • Snow removed from the Oval Office and its occupants
  • Animated, wind-dependent flags now fly over White House, Capitol and around Washington Monument
  • Animated trains added on bridges across the Potomac river
  • Custom Lincoln Center replaced with the Asobo version
  • Custom-made car bridges added and cars drive on them correctly
  • Some optimizing work, PBR materials tweaking and mesh editing done
  • Installer offers automatic Content.xml removal for full compatibility with World Update USA
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