Flight1 – FShud Air Traffic Control P3D preview

Flight1 published a preview video of their upcoming software for Prepar3D : FShud. It will be an advanced simulation of Air Traffic Control, with audio dialogs and texts display. The communication between the flight crew and the tower, approach and control center will become more attractive, more realistic, with more options.

Their software is integrated into Prepar3D so you can even edit your flight plan in-app without leaving the simulator window, and it’s already confirmed that SID/STAR path are covered.

FShud will use realistic phraseology, with a variety of actions : accurate and detailed taxi instructions, crossing runway. Their video stops at cruise level but we can already see the option of the request to change the cruise level change, ask for a direct-to.

That’s why we have hope for the support of multiple approach procedures, and the ability of diversion in case of emergency for example.

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