IndiaFoxtEcho – MSFS Sukhoi SU-31 Update and F-35 Project News

IndiaFoxtEcho informed their registered users of the Sukhoi SU-31 MSFS that a minor update has been packed with a few fixes, and it’s available to the registered customers of simMarket :

Sukhoi SU-31 MSFS minor update changelog :

  • Changed engine gills outlet painting
  • Increased smoke effect persistence and tweaked transparency and size
  • Fixed engine sounds cones orientation
  • Fixed position of wheelchocks
  • Fixed throttle lever animation lenght
  • Fixed minor misalignment in wing texturing
  • Fixed minor modeling alignment in wing tip geometry

Now about the F-35 Lightning II for MSFS, after the initial release and the “stability problems experienced by some users” according to IndiaFoxtEcho, the developers stated that the acclaimed FCS system and XBox release will occur after the official Sim Update 9 release for MSFS. And the following message give more details :

FCS – We have been doing quite a lot of work on the FCS, trying to implement the native MSFS system. However we are not yet happy with the results. In particular, the MSFS built-in fly-by-wire simulation seems pretty good for airliners, but not great for high-performance jets, especially in transonic and supersonic conditions.We will keep on working on it. As a temporary backup, we have tried restored the old XML-driven autotrim system which is not super accurate but seems to work – but at the moment we are focusing on the native MSDS fly-by-wire implementation.

“XBOX – We have managed to significatively shrink the memory footprint of the F-35 down to approximately 730Mb. This is still way above the Asobo models (which are 200 to 300Mb) but *should* be manageable. However, while the Microsoft/Asobo team thinks that this is the main problem, frankly we are not totally convinced this is the only issue with XBox compatibility, as there may be other things we have not identified yet.The plan is to first complete the 1.0.6 improvements on PC and use it as baseline for a new XBox version – which will need to be tested by Microsoft.”

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