Flight 1 – FSHud Air Traffic Control MSFS Preview

FSHud Air Traffic Control is the advanced solution by Flight 1 to manage the AI traffic and advanced communications with ATC. It’s currently available for Prepar3D, and the publisher is now showing their progress of its development for MSFS.

With FSHud ATC, the AI traffic is managed both on ground and in the air. It will work as a server based client for all your IFR flights. The communications use 5 voice sets until, and they will be expanded in the future. And they are also available through a dedicated window displayed – and that you can hide – into the simulator. FSHud ATC must be considered also by simmers who would like realistic phraseology and more ATC options (accurate ground instructions, crossing runway capability, cruise altitude change, Direct To etc).

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2 years ago

Load of rubbish you need AIG traffic files to run it. Does not run off the live traffic on MSFS you need to disable all the traffic in the sim and it will inject the traffic from AIG. I have not bothered with AIG i have simple traffic but this does not run with it.

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