Fenix A320 MSFS – Getting Ready

Fenix team announced that they have come to the end of their Beta stage. And they talk about a promising A320 simulation for MSFS !

On this webpage, they detailed some of the features that they already implemented :

  • Aircraft systems, covering electrical, hydraulics and fuel
  • Analog secondary instruments with complete sounds and their respective
  • Complex fly-by-wire
  • Electronic Flight Bag
  • Dispatch loadsheet upon SimBrief flight plan
  • Actual Refueling with ECAM advisory
  • IA Airline OPS office to send message about delays, diversions,
  • Full passengers cabin
  • 3D Audio and full soundset up to the ground power unit, Y Elec pump

On the to-do list, we can note that they keep the following items for future updates :

  • Refuellers with 3D custom models
  • Air Start Unit and PCA (Pre-Conditioned Air)

All these, and more, are announced for release soon. And the price has already been set at £49.99 all inclusive.

Today, they lifted the Non-Disclosure Agreement of their beta testers so more and more content will pop up here and there to wet our appetite of this advanced and promising A320 for MSFS.

At the very bottom end of this article, you’ll see the preview video of the ADI Standby Instrument which kicks off with a 3D animation that’s as neat as it is fluid.

Follow Fenix A320 MSFS project on their blog or via Discord.

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