FS2crew – Aerosoft CRJ Edition for MSFS

FS2crew is the expert in crew and airline procedures simulation for the popular airliner add-ons. If you own the CRJ of Aerosoft in MSFS, then you should seriously consider to get more virtual crew members on board.

With FS2Crew Aerosoft CRJ Edition for MSFS, you will fly like a Pro, like an actual Captain. Work flows determined by the aircraft manufacturer and the airline, step by step check-lists, and dialogs interaction with the other crew members make part of the FS2Crew advantages. Your virtual copilot will assist, manipulate and check the aircraft controls. Another example is also during the flight preparation, you will have interactions with the ground crew for pushback with complete dialogs.

It’s new at simMarket and on sale 50% OFF until June 04th.

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