TBLFscenery – Agent AFIS VFR MSFS and Promo 10% Off

Perfect for the VFR flights in France in MSFS : TBLFscenery offers a VFR air traffic control simulation tool that is sorely lacking in the Microsoft simulator, Agent AFIS VFR.

Specially designed for around sixty airfields in France, with dialogues in French, recorded with a human voice, the visual flight excursions take on a whole new dimension. Watch the video above to listen to the dialogs between the tower and the pilot of the light aircraft.

Air traffic control reacts to your voice through voice recognition, dynamically, to give the correct parameters and information in real time (weather, runways, instructions, radio frequency, traffic density).

This also means that this software is only designed to work in France territory, in French language only, but the above video demonstrates the level of immersion. TBLFscenery is also a scenery designer for MSFS, and his airfields are on sale 10% OFF at simMarket until tomorrow Saturday 11th June included.

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