Airport Sim : announcement of Ground Services Simulator for PC

Planned for Windows PC and X-Box console, Airport Sim is unveiled in this new video which also announces its release in 2023. It will be an airport services simulator, where you can drive vehicles and take care of the loading and unloading of airliners in fuel, luggage, passengers etc..

Vehicles, planes, and even airports will be modelled with many realistic details. For example, the airports included come from MK Studios, which we know well for our flight simulators. By default, the game will include the Vágar, Keflavik and Frankfurt sceneries. More airports will be available as payware DLC.

The dashboards and control panels of the vehicles shown in the images and in the introduction video are already looking very good.

Several game modes will be offered: campaign following realistic schedules of real airlines, free play or cooperative mode to play with other players around an aircraft. The weather conditions will be varied and can be based on the current situation in real time, based upon actual METAR reports.

Other aircraft and vehicle customization will be made possible and free via community creations, by sharing them on Steam Workshop. All this seems very very interesting to us, and a radical change from the Airport Simulator series, which has evolved very little, with many negative users feedback related to bugs and old style graphics, which seems to us spared at least on this last point with the arrival of this Airport Sim.

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