Contest Livery Painter – EUR 100 Gift Vouchers To Win

simMarket store starts a Contest of Livery Painter, available until Wednesday August 31st. Create one or various liveries featuring simMarket for MSFS airliners add-ons, and if our jury selects your creation as the best for the selected airliner model, you win a EUR 100 Voucher for use at

The items that you must include in your livery are :

  • simMarket logo = download as PNG in HD (can be painted in the color of your choice), previous link with base white color. Also available in blue here.
  • simMarket Blue color code : 00629f

and if you want more color suggestions, we also like

  • Dark Grey code : 7e7e7e
  • Light Grey code : e5eef7

The best livery for each airliner add-ons wins Eur 100 Voucher (Jury by simMarket board). You can submit various liveries, for various airliners, and you may win several vouchers if you win in each category.

Each livery submitted in this contest falls under Creative and Commons licence CC BY-NC-ND (original Author mention, no commercial use, no rework) for future Freeware download to the public via simMarket.

The airliner add-ons that we selected for this contest are listed below, with their respective paintkits for download. This may help to get you started and free your creativity :

Submit when your livery is complete on or before Wednesday August 31st 00:00 CET :

  • Prepare your application
    • your repainted livery files
    • with also JPG/PNG screenshots
    • packed in a ZIP
  • Use a file sharing service like, or Google Drive, etc
  • Write us an e-mail including :
    • the link to download your ZIP livery
    • your full name
    • and e-mail address (the one used as simMarket Customer)
    • and send to : liverycontest [at]

July 23 Update : submission extended until August 31st.

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