FlightControlReplay v4.5 is compatible with MSFS airliners from Fenix PMDG Maddog and with Top Gun Maverick DLC

FlightControlReplay (FCR) is the most complete and professional tool to create Replays, Videos of your flights in MSFS, P3D5 – 1 and FSX.

After several tests, with multiple conditions, FlightControlReplay announce the compatibility of the tool with the recent and popular airliner add-ons for MSFS :

  • Fenix Simulations A320
  • PMDG 737NG
  • Fly The Maddog MD-82
  • Just Flight 146 Professional

Feel free to use simultaneously your brand new aircraft and keep memories of your flight adventures by pulling the most of FCR capabilities, which include the following features (not exhaustive):

  • Instant replay
  • Record MP4
  • VR Devices support
  • Change camera

FCR is compatible with the Official and Free DLC Top Gun Maverick, get a working Replay and Record tool for all your challenges performance! Create your video, watch from different angles, apply a different path to the camera movement. The only limit is your creativity!

The new FSrealistic Pro by Rkapps with many camera effects for more immersion, compatible with head-tracking devices is also compatible with FCR.

Tutorial video on how to record Top Gun Maverick sessions in MSFS with FlightControlReplay by simUK
FlightControlReplay is on sale 20% OFF at simMarket until June 30th included.
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