Honeycomb Aeronautical News : Alpha Flight Controls XPC, Xbox Hub and Charlie Rudder Pedestal Pre-order

American brand Honeycomb Aeronautical announces a new and improved version of their Alpha Flight Controls XPC yoke. In addition to dual Xbox and PC compatibility, a new design dresses the case, with an enlarged honeycomb mesh over the entire front face. We find the 14 buttons on the handle, plus the light switches, and magnetos. The other new feature is the now spring-loaded starter selector. They have opened pre-orders, but as with previous products, only from their official website for now. And this therefore means that deliveries are only possible for customers based in North America. The others will have to wait for availability from their distributors, such as Aerosoft or Amazon for us Europeans.

Speaking of them, pre-orders for the Charlie rudder pedals rudder pedals kicked off a few days ago, and they’ve all been quickly taken over, with a new round of pre-orders scheduled for July 15 on the official website, for US customers. For EU simmers, delivery is announced at the end of October according to Aerosoft, while Amazon predicts availability around the end of November.

Last innovation revealed by the manufacturer, it is the small Xbox Hub proposed only to the pilots of Microsoft Flight Simulator, on console Xbox. With 2 female USB-C ports, you can connect the Bravo throttles quadrant, and the Charlie rudder pedals, connected to the Yoke Alpha recognized as a unique set of hardware for the console.

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