Just Flight – SC Designs F-16 Fighting Falcon Update MSFS v1.0.6

At the contrary to the last update in April 2022, needed in emergency as the F-16 got broken by the Sim Update 9, this new update v1.6.0 for the Fighting Falcon of Just Flight and SC Designs takes advantage of the new visual effects in MSFS for afterburners enabled by Asobo Studio and Microsoft.

And another important step up, is the new fuel system that has been implemented and the fly-by-wire also improved. Registered customers at simMarket, you are invited to log in the store app or website and download the new installer file.

Full changelog v1.6.0

  • FBW system improved for extra accuracy
  • Fuel system updated to new fuel_system
  • Fuel tanks visibility corrected to match new fuel system
  • Correction to Thunderbirds textures
  • New Asobo visual effects added for afterburner cone
  • F-16C “Venom” display livery added
  • F-16C DC Air National Guard livery added
  • Minor UV map areas improved ( intake internals and navigation light mounts )
  • Visor texture and metallic layer added
  • Smoke switch fixed
  • HUD material improved for visibility in bright skies
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Michael Burger
Michael Burger
1 year ago

To my knowledge, the F-16 smoke switch is still broken from the last patch on Xbox One Series X.

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