Just Flight – 757 MSFS News from BlueBird Simulations

Developers from the BlueBird Simulations team posted an update about their 757 project for MSFS. Recalling that they are working on the -200/-300 series, they specify that there will be two versions of the flight model: a simple one (for beginners, or for amateurs who do not have a well-adapted controller) , and a very realistic version (within the limits allowed by the simulator).

Many areas of this airliner are the object of their sustained attention: the exterior 3D model which is not finished yet, the 3D virtual cockpit has its animations completed at 90%. On the system side, they are first working on the FMS which would already have several pages programmed, as well as certain functions of the autopilot, or even the main PFD and ND display for navigation. Here are the main news delivered in their latest development update. This is a future airliner add-on to be published by Just Flight.

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