SimWorks Studios – RV-14 MSFS Update and Dash 7 News

SimWorks Studios have plenty of information around their existing and future aircraft for MSFS. Let’s sum up their latest news below.

Van’s Aircraft RV-14/14A Update v1.3.2

Th latest update version is v1.3.2 and it’s already online at simMarket. Its changelog is copied below

  • Fixed INOP buttons on GTN750 from last update
  • Fixed protruding flap actuators
  • Fixed still propeller blades showing in far LODs
  • Fixed fluttering animation not playing on all surfaces
  • Modified cockpit.cfg to indicate correct values

Dash 7 in partnership with Pilot’s GesmbH

SWS and Pilot’s are working together to bring a detailed Dash 7. Their current task is focused on the exterior model that still needs “decal placement, placing rivets, panel lines and de-ice boots.” Their next job also includes the addition of “use marks” because the base paint of the liveries is done. On initial release, the planned liveries include British Antarctic Survey, Air Greenland, Brymon, Berjaya Air, Tyrolean and Continental.

More info the cockpit, coding and flight model progress : “The cockpit is undergoing decal placement. Right now, all the flight instruments are marked enough for us to do flight testing. We are working on placing the rest of the labels and correcting some model flaws before falling head-first into the textures.

The flight model of the aircraft is complete, and focus on that front is on engine tuning. Right now, the engine produces the right amount of torque and RPM, so we have work to do with the propellers to get her up to speed.

Lastly, on the coding front, the cockpit is gradually activated. Our engine, hydraulic, oil gauges work, COM/NAV/ADF radios are active, and the basic flight instruments are also functional. The PN622 DME has been programmed, tested and will be integrated into the cockpit any day now. Every day, more and more panels are coming to life.”

Kodiak 100 Floats

Beside the existing Kodiak 100 Wheels, SimWorks Studios will complete the fleet with another variant : the Kodiak Amphibious with floats. In our previous posts about it, we already mentioned that it will be a standalone product for sale separately from the Wheels variant. It’s a totally independent product.

The developers is working with the manufacturer Daher and their own hydroplane pilots who are checking the add-on in MSFS. At this stage of progress, the remaining issues should be fixed until the end of August. They will take advantage of the MSFS Service Update 10 innovations, and they finely tuned the reverse power to “no longer over-rev the propeller. Instead, it will peak at 95% RPM Np, just like the real PT6A works! This was supposed to go from the PC-12 into the Kodiak, but it seems to have come the other way around !” The last note is about the failure system with the additions of extra safewguards to prevent issues with the failures.

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