Microsoft Flight Simulator – Sim Update 10 Wait Is Getting Over

The last major version 9 update was released in the end of April. This summer, Microsoft had initially announced the arrival of Sim Update 10 in Microsoft Flight Simulator for August 23. For those who have chosen to test the Beta version, several updates have followed one another over the past few weeks, and the public stable release has been postponed several times, with the disadvantage that several add-ons were known to be incompatible with the Sim Update 10 Beta during this period.

This will end today, with the official release of the public version for MSFS.

At 15:00Z (17:00 CET) this Wednesday, September 21, 2022, you should all be able to access this update by launching your Xbox application in Windows, or at the first launch of the simulator. Its main novelties consist of new DirectX12 instructions for the graphics part, and the replacement of the Garmin G1000 avionics originally supplied since the launch, by the one developed by Working Title with its G1000 NXi module, which is loaded with more features.

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