Flysimware – 4K Promo Video of Cessna 414AW Chancellor MSFS

The excellent and very complete Cessna 414AW Chancellor for MSFS has now its official trailer produced by simMarket. Watch the video in 4K just above to showcase the product designed by Flysimware !

From the virtual and interactive copilot, the realistic flight dynamics to the super detailed gauges, this aircraft add-on is a must-have for any virtual pilot willing to fly with a vintage aircraft with classic avionics for example. 3 panel variants are included, so you can get integrated other avionics pack that you may have for the GPS units.

In addition, 4K PBR textures, numerous lights and environmental audio effects enable an immersive experience. And the product is easy to download, install and update thanks to the Siminstaller of the store simMarket (in-app and one click away after purchase).

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