Microsoft Flight Simulator [v1.27.21.0] – Sim Update 10 Details of the Release

We now have precise details of all the additions and fixes contained in the official Sim Update 10 for Microsoft Flight Simulator.

These are nearly 15 GB to download for a Premium Deluxe version (1.1 GB in the Windows XBox application, then 12.75 GB at the launch of MSFS, another 823 MB for World Updates nĀ°1 to 10, and finally 189 MB for the Top Gun Maverick pack).

The simulator therefore arrived after all this in version v1.27.21.0. As main objectives, this update brings new graphics instructions for DirectX 12, for virtual pilots equipped with an Nvidia graphics card. DLSS is now supported too, which also aims to improve the fluidity and speed of display with more frames per second, images which are calculated by your graphics card in lower resolution, more quickly, then upscaled to the requested high resolution. In this process, the extra “added” pixels are extrapolated to provide a quality image very very close to a high definition 3D rendering result, but in reality the latter was calculated in 3D at a lower resolution.

Then, Microsoft also reworked, again, the fixes for crash-to-desktop, improved performance and memory management. Moreover, we can read for example that a significant loss of performance had been detected with more than 4 World Updates installed at the same time, it is now corrected. Oops, suddenly, I feel targeted. Overall, the simulator should be more stable! From a technical and graphical point of view, we also note the possible support for multi-screens via the Experimental mode.

On the weather and virtual world side, a few small items are listed with sudden changes in more controlled winds, animated boats should produce a wake effect.

For airplanes, apart from a few perhaps minor but nevertheless appreciable fixes such as the work on capturing the ILS, the reaction of the autopilot during this capture, it is especially important to note the replacement of the G1000 provided by default, by the G1000 NXi programmed by Working Title, richer in features and more realistic overall.

Last point that I want to emphasize for the map and the flight planner included in the simulator: the import of external flight plans should no longer cause problems following standard procedures with transition. For VFR flights, the map has been enriched and the exported flight plan is now compatible with Working Title’s G1000 NXi, which has indeed become the default avionics for aircraft equipped with this set.

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