Just Flight – 146 Professional MSFS Update v0.1.8

British Aerospace’s small regional jet is evolving at Just Flight: its very advanced simulation in MSFS under the title 146 Professional is coming in version 0.1.8. simMarket has the new installer for its users that they can download from their account.

This add-on should benefit from performance improvements and an overhaul of the electronic flight bag EFB, all the details are listed below.

Changelog v0.1.8

  • Annunciator clarity/resolution improved
  • Minor exterior texture improvements
  • Performance (FPS) improvements  
  • EFB upgrades:
    • Doubled screen resolution
    • Interactive checklists, in addition to the existing MSFS checklist support
    • A top-of-descent calculator with the option to manually input altitudes, speeds and descent requirements or to have those sync’d from the sim
    • An on-screen/virtual keyboard, especially useful for VR users
    • An improved Navigraph charts screen with automatic selection of departure and arrival airports based on your SimBrief OFP, and ability to favourite charts for quick reference
    • METARs for your SimBrief OFP departure, arrival and alternate airports
  • FDE tweaks (including improvements to the CG)
  • Autopilot Go-Around (GA) mode fixes
  • Airbrakes now extend further when hydraulic pressure is depleted
  • Roll spoiler deployment range more closely matches the real aircraft
  • ADF frequency now increments in 0.5 rather than 0.1 kHz steps
  • ALT ARM no longer disengages when the selected altitude is changed
  • Engine fan blade animations fixed on the -200QT and -300 variants
  • Take-off callout logic tweaked to reduce delays between V1, VR, V2 and gear up calls
  • Storm panel lighting added
  • IOAT and auxiliary pitot probes added to exterior
  • Water servicing door added to exterior
  • Use of anti-icing (engine/airframe) now affects engine performance, reducing N1 by approx. 1% and increasing fuel flow by approx. 9% 
  • VHF NAV 1 display tweaked to more closely match the real unit
  • GPU beacon light effect added
  • EFB config menu option added for disabling visible QC/QT cargo containers (for GSX users)
  • Ice detection warning logic changes
  • INCREASE/DECREASE AP PITCH HOLD REFERENCE ASSIGNMENT logic fixed, allowing for control over autopilot pitch or vertical speed
  • Official Microsoft Service Update 10 compatibility changes
  • Manual updated to reflect software changes, control assignments section added
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