Aerosoft – Aircraft A330 MSFS Interactive Flight Manual Preview

Aerosoft is working on the manual of their upcoming Airbus A330 for MSFS. They chose to share bits of their current progress with a video, because the manual will be interactive with clickable menu and areas to direct you to the more detailed section of the manual for the system or panel that you are pointing at.

According to the latests posts of the project manager at Aerosoft, Mathijs Kok, the product will also have 6 PDF manuals in a standard manner. And this interactive manual will come in addition to those. It’s web-based so you can run it on a mobile device, or better on computer or tablet for a larger display.

It will made of two parts : “one to explain the cockpit and one that uses the standard flows to guide you through a whole flight” added Mathijs Kok.

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