Freeware : FSLTL Realistic AI Traffic Tool in MSFS

FS Live Traffic Liveries – FSLTL – is a new and freeware solution to install a realistic AI Traffic in MSFS. You can read detailed information and its FAQ here.

The probability is high that you already know them ; FlyByWire Simulations, author of the popular A32NX ! The installer is provided by FlyByWire for the AI Traffic add-on of FSLTL.

It consists of 900 airlines liveries (the base models in the Installer), and the application that runs this add-on (FS Live Traffic Injector in the Installer). The AI Traffic data displayed in your simulator is streamed from FlightRadar, so you can expect an interesting accuracy and live situation in your airport. It works worldwide, it’s also VATSIM ready and the AI Traffic follows the MSFS ATC instructions.

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