FlyFreeStd – Antonov AN-225 Mriya For P3D5 & P3D4.4

FlyFreeStd developed a complete pack for Prepar3D v5 or v4.4 : the Antonov AN-225 Mriya, and there’s even an FSX version here.

The massive transport aircraft features various loads that you can select to be carried on the back of the aircraft. The developers also included a selection between realistic and automatic mode to manage the systems, depending if you want to follow the complete startup procedure or not, for example. And another interesting option, is to swtich between Russian or English labels in the cockpit. Read more at simMarket.

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1 year ago

Sufficient eye candy both inside and out and if comparing against photos or YouTube of the real aircraft, you’ll very quickly find your way around. Much satisfaction can be gained from ‘cold and dark’ starts but, do take time to step outside and enjoy the show as the nose lifts, the plane kneels and the ramp deploys. Compared to what FFst have acheived, my only ‘whinge’ is petty – the rear four main wheels don’t swivel when turning on the apron unless they’re just locked and I have yet to locate the controls to unlock them.

Recovering from the eyegasms of the ground-based spectaculars, take to the air and watch every last panel faithfully animate as the centipede undercarriage retracts/deploys.

Then enjoy the sequel: Nighttime illumination on a floodlit loading apron and do it all again.
The actual flight experience is no less disappointing although the autopilot seems to be unfinished (just as with the original – Antonov never got round to fully enabling the AP).

I hope they produce the An-22 ‘Antei’ (Antheus) of similar quality…

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