SimWorks Studios – Kodiak 100 Amphibian MSFS

Numerous simmers consider the Kodiak 100 Wheels of SimWorks Studios as a reference who set the standard pretty high. From the same developers, there is now their Kodiak 100 Amphibian also available at simMarket for Microsoft Flight Simulator. This is not an expansion, you can either own one or the other without specific priority. They are separate products. But, if you plan to get both, we suggest you to order first the Wheels version, and then make a second order of the Amphibian version, to benefit of the reduced price.

In the new Amphibian version, 4 model variants are included : cargo, passenger, mixed, and summit (executive) with a total 36 paint schemes. The avionics consist of the full NXi G1000 perfectly integrated. And the well appreciated features include also the high fidelity sounds, advanced startup and engine simulation, and the custom air conditioning system that you can manually operate.

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