Fabio Merlo – Flight Control Replay 5 Announcement

After a long development and hard work during several months, FlightControlReplay Version 5 will come as a new generation tool that will greatly enhance your experience in Replay and Video recording of your flights in Microsoft Flight Simulator and Prepar3D.

This is not a simple update, the core program code has been significantly reworked, and it’s also visible on the user interface revamped with a new look.

Three main goals are on the target :

  • Easier to use
  • More performance
  • Innovative features


Based upon the users feedback and suggestions, a total new design for the user interface makes FlightControlReplay look modern and intuitive. It’s also adaptative to your needs : three different sizes with their respective arrangement are available. On top of these, an optional transparency is at your disposal. Whether you want the full buttons visible on a separate window, or the minimum space used with low visual impact as an overlay over the main window of your simulator, everything is possible. And FlightControlReplay still supports VR headsets with access to the controls in VR mode if you like.


Another way to launch and control FlightControlReplay in MSFS is to use the toolbar directly from the simulator without leaving the full screen, or the main window. Main features are accessible there on a transparent overlay for direct control.


In order to ensure the best performance, the core program has been deeply upgraded for less CPU and Memory usage. This gives more power to your Windows system and simulator to provide smooth display with faster Video encoding.


Are you ready for new perspectives ? FlightControlReplay introduced in previous versions the simulation of Flying Formation during a Replay.. With the new version 5 you can now fly LIVE with an AI GHOST right beside your plane. And it will not simply replicate your current flight path, it will be impacted by the winds and speeds alteration.

New perspective also for a Cinematic Replay with different cameras automatically cycled without your intervention. Just seat back and watch your flight Replay with different External / Internal points of view!

Often used to watch the challenging moment of the landing after the flight, FlightControlReplay will help you to monitor your pilot skills with a Landing Report showing some data for you to monitor and to keep flying better.

FlightControlReplay will keep included all existing features already available in the current version 4.5 :

  • MP4 Video Recorder,
  • Crash-to-desktop recovery,
  • PlayAsAI Formation Flying in Replay
  • Re-Live to resume a flight from any instant during Replay
  • AI Traffic detection, following, recording

For more in depth details of each feature, the expected time of release, please follow my Instagram or visit MSFS Official forum to catch future statements soon.

Best regards, Fabio MERLO.

New User Interface for Flight Control Replay 5
Live Ghost in Flight Control Replay 5
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