iniBuilds – KLAX Los Angeles MSFS V1.04 Update

If KLAX Los Angeles for MSFS by iniBuilds is in your US airports collection, simMarket App notified that it gets an update, version 1.04 with a lights fix, a missing jetway, a tiny terrain issue, or other visual items that were all corrected.

Ten days ago, there was even a previous fix for which we copy below its respective changelog for your information.

KLAX Los Angeles for MSFS v1.04 changelog :

– Added obs lights to tower
– Adjusted lodding on all terminals.
– Slight adjustment to 69A – moved parking position and shortened JW.
– Missing jetway 155
– Terrain issues near 151
– Fixed missing geo and z-fighting on T5
– Fixed various GSE collisions
– Fixed floating HVAC
– Fixed flickering parallax on TBIT entrance

KLAX Los Angeles for MSFS v1.03 changelog :

– Fixed T3 jetway alignment
– Fixed Vehicle path collision near TBIT
– Fixed Taxi line alignment (TW Z)
– Fixed Adjusted approach lighting position 25R.
– Full rework of all cargo ramp areas
– Added correct carrier codes where available
– Adjusted parking radii to better suit a/c types
– Adjusted some parking positions which were too far forward- should now all be fairly close to stop lines
– Added 3D model for KLAX VOR
– Fixed mesh issue at southeast side of airport
– Added GP transmitters for 06L/R and 07L/R
– Fixed issue with GP transmitters for 25L/R
– Added LOC antenna for 07R
– Added missing buildings
– Added missing jetway to 155

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