Free [Video] : Just Planes – Boeing 747 Cockpit Full Flight | Royal Air Maroc 3hr

Just Planes real aviation movies edtions have published at Youtube the above and almost complete footage that lasts 3 hours of the Boeing 747-400 operated by Royal Air Maroc. The flight departed from Casablanca, Morocco, to land at Montreal, Canada.

Follow the first officer during the exterior inspection for pre-flight checks on the airport apon. The senior captain then explains the prerequesites documents like weights and balance report. All stages of flight are filmed from 7 different angles of view to enjoy the full trip during taxi, climb, cruise, approach, and landing at night.

The actual complete footage lasts 4,5 hours, with even more scenes for the cockpit preparations, airport charts review, or also final taxi and parking operations for example. This version can be ordered directly at Just Planes website here.

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