Prodesksim – Add-ons for Throttle Quadrants Honeycomb, Saitek or Turtle Beach

Using a throttle quadrant is already a great immersion and control improvement when you have only used a joystick before. These last years, the selection of such products has increased with the arrival on the market of new brands like Honeycomb, and Turtle Beach beside already established companies like Saitek.

You can improve even further the feel and look of your throttle quadrant levers by replacing the stock parts by new ones custom made by Prodesksim. They build different aircraft replicas controls, for Boeing 737 with spring-loaded flaps control adapted on the Bravo throttle of Honeycomb, or a Cirrus SR-20/22 lever to install your Saitek throttle device. Learn more on their official website, and also via their Youtube channel.

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