iniBuilds – iniScene KSAT San Antonio MSFS Update 1.08

In the update v1.08 made for the US airport of iniScene KSAT San Antonio MSFS in Texas, iniBuilds wants to improve both the visuals and the performance.

Various optimizations and reworked items are included, and you can read its full content detail below. Just use simMarket app to download and install the update in one click.

v1.08 changelog

– Another round of optimizations targeting draw-call reductions, node and material reductions.
– Re-evaluated and addressed problematic LOD’s for 3D vegetation and parked vehicles.
– Re-worked vast majority of ground polygon to correct deformed taxilines and asphalt materials and uv maps.
– Added Hangar interior to hangar with automating opening/closing door, re-worked existing hangar materials/textures/mesh.
– Added in missing highway overpass bridges. -added southern section of highway overpass.
– Re-Worked night lighting slightly, added lighting to airport overflow GSE parking area.
– General enhancements to visuals while keeping a steady performance balance.
– Compatability with iniManager config options

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