SamScene – City Toronto / Vancouver / Israel Scenic World MSFS

Vancouver City Times MSFS

SamScene is a specialist of city sceneries for MSFS, with realistic and custom buildings, monuments, to upgrade the urban areas with also specific textures.

Their new releases cover Toronto City Times MSFS, Vancouver City Times MSFS and Israel Scenic World MSFS. We have copied below their respective and main features below.

Toronto City Times MSFS : 200 handcrafted iconic buildings over the city. All with 2K PBR materials.

Vancouver City Times MSFS : 1. Over 300 handcrafted iconic building models over Vancouver and Victoria
2. All buildings with 2K PBR textures

Toronto City Times MSFS

Israel Scenic World : 1. over 160 iconic buildings added to Tel Aviv city
2. over 1000 Israel style apartment buildings replaced the default autogen buildings
3. over 30 landmarks added to Jerusalem and Tel Aviv city

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