FlightSim Studio – E-Jets MSFS : Release Date and Detailed Features

FlightSim Studio published more detailed information about the upcoming E-jets for MSFS. Their Embraer 175 pack will be released as Early Access this January 10th, and the price tag is EUR 33,00.

The complete features list is visible on their official website here.

The 3D exterior model is provided by the team X-Craft, experts in aircraft payware products for X-Plane, and this new MSFS product will come with 7 airlines liveries included, with more free liveries on the web.

Among the simulated systems, the main pilot displays, EICAS, digital clock and Audio Control Panel are already functional. You will take note that the current development status of the other Automatic Pilot, and custom FMC allow to perform complete flights but there is not Vertical navigation management yet, and the FMC is not complete yet either. Remember that they decided to make it available with an Early Access program, and free updates to come later.

The flight dynamics are in the hands of an actual pilot, the soundsets has been produced with real world recordings.

Again, for more screens and details, check their website here.

You can watch the presentation video streamed yesterday, in which the MSFS add-on was introduced for three hours with several of its features tested live.

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