FS2crew – Fenix A320 Edition MSFS

Must-have alert : for Fenix A320 pilots, simMarket sells now FS2Crew Special Edition for the advanced A320 airliner simulation in Microsoft Flight Simulator.

And it’s on sale at simMarket 20% OFF until February 03rd. FS2Crew is the accurate simulation of actual airline operations and procedures, with Crew interactions (cockpit crew, flight attendant, ground crew, airline dispatch), and it includes professional voice sets (accents US / UK / Europe German).

Simulate check-lists and shared workflows with your virtual copilot. In addition, FS2Crew supports mobile device networking. You can control FS2Crew in different modes : Voice control / Button control / Auto-Respond.

FS2Crew in MSFS also exists for


2️⃣ Pushback Express MSFS 20% OFF until February 03rd

The standard ground service management for all your aircraft, all airports in the world

3️⃣ RAAS Professional MSFS

The accurate simulation of HoneyWell airliner audio equipment for warning and alerts of runway remaining distance, enter/leave/cross runway information.

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