Jetstream Designs – Paris Orly MSFS Update Soon + Roadmap 2023

For the famous airport of Paris Orly in MSFS, Jetstream Designs introduce the upcoming big update with a comprehensive series of screenshots to show the exact airport updates and scenery enhancements to expect.

  • added gate U03. Repositioned gates U4/U5 and removed gate U6
  • added new C08 gate + jetway
  • added new A51/A52 gates + new pier + jetways
  • ground textures have been improved
  • Buildings textures and PBR have been overhauled
  • parking codes for gates disappeared with last update. They have been added again
  • jetways animations have been improved
  • an official GSX profile (with specific pushback procedures, VGDS, PAX, etc) is now included
  • HSBC ads on jetways have been replaced by Total Energies ads
  • ILS have been checked and working by default and with Navigraph
  • many other smaller improvements here and there.

His post also details the Roadmap for 2023 that will include a big European airport in Sweden, and two major scenery updates for their existing French airports in MSFS :

  • ESSA Stockholm Arlanda in partnership with Marcus Nyberg (see preview screenshots below)
  • LIML Milan Linate
  • LFRS Nantes Atlantique
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