Just Flight – F-14 A/B Tomcat MSFS Update v1.0.7

The British publisher Just Flight still keeps an eye at their existing products like the F-14 A/B Tomcat for MSFS.

Released more than a year ago by DC Designs developers, the military jet gets another layer of improvements with the new patch v1.0.7 that you can already download at simMarket

Changelog v1.0.7

– Revised elevator trim limits.
– Revised pitch authority vs mach.
– improved handling at high airspeed.
– Revised lift vs flaps values since CFD.
– A little surprise in the PFD…
– MFD, revised ranges.
– Revised Cockpit Panel/Cabin Lighting knobs functionality not working as intended.
– Formation Lights now works as Recognition Lights, so should be working in Multiplayer.
– Remodeled and re-textured canopy frame and glareshield for higher realism
– Moved stock cockpit camera for greater instrument visibility and landing view
– Added virtual cockpit collision mesh for virtual reality cursor
– Added cockpit collision mesh for camera movement within canopy bounds
– Added new internal crew models for higher realism and detail
– Improved F-14B exhaust nozzle animation code

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