Leonardo SH – Fly The Maddog X Expansion – MD-83 and MD-88 MSFS

If you’re looking for a high-fidelity, realistic simulation of the MD-83 and MD-88 aircraft, then the Fly The Maddog X Expansion is definitely worth considering. Developed by Leonardo Software House, this add-on for MSFS features an impressive level of detail and accuracy, capturing the look, feel, and performance of these iconic aircraft.

Some of the key features of the Fly The Maddog X Expansion include:

  • Highly detailed models of the MD-83 and MD-88, complete with accurate systems and avionics.
  • Realistic flight dynamics that replicate the handling and performance of the real aircraft.
  • A range of advanced features and options, including custom failures and malfunctions, ground services support, and more.
  • An immersive cockpit experience, with realistic sounds, animations, and lighting effects.

For hardcore simmers demanding an accurate and in-depth simulation, this is made for you. Simulate the full operations and be the Pilot in Command of your virtual MD-83 and MD-88. Fly The Maddog X Expansion is definitely worth checking out.

NOTE 1 : This expansion is FREE to all P3D registered users who got the expansion with same models MD-83/MD-88 !

NOTE 2 : To use this product, you need the base pack Fly The Maddog X for MSFS (model MD-82), found here.

Promo Trailer 4K – General Overview

Promo Trailer 4K – Systems and Features

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