IndiaFoxtEcho – MB-339 MSFS Special “100 ANNI” Free Update

IndiaFoxtEcho celebrates the 100th Anniversary of the Italian Air Force with the flightsim community, by delivering another free update to the popular and powerful MB-339 in MSFS.

A special new livery is added along various updates to impact the external lights rendering, animations and effects.

V1.4.0 Update “100 ANNI”

  • Added 100 Anni Special Livery
  • Added working backseat
  • Reworked external lights rendering
  • Fixed minor animation glitch on pilot stick naimation
  • Fixed minor glitch in oxygen dilution control
  • Fixed minor glitch in gear silencer
  • COM1, COM2, TACAN and VOR/ILS Volume Knob are now functional
  • Flood, instruments and formation lights can be adjusted
  • Nav lights can be dimmed
  • Reworked smoke effect colors
  • Solved minor bugs in AHRS/GPS display
  • Added flaps and rudder to cockpit model
  • Redone glass material
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