IndiaFoxtEcho – F-35 Project MSFS V1.2.2 & Other Updates News

The excellent F-35 Lightning II MSFS by IndiaFoxtEcho has got another update. The lead developer announced that it is made to include “a couple of graphical improvements, such as better engine model and afterburner and ground crew access panels, and better functionality of sensors screens.”

The update is easy for registered users at simMarket : just enter the notifications section of simMarket app, and click on download for your F-35 product.

Changelog v1.2.2


  • – Fixed minor graphical glitch in FCS page
  • – ASR zoom can now be adjusted
  • – DAS switched to front view, turns to downward view in hover mode.
  • – TFLIR now has NAV and AS modes (AS modes is horizon stabilized)
  • – DAS and TFLIR views can be adjusted in pitch
  • – Fixed minor bug on TSD target designation
  • – Improved engine geometry on all models
  • – Added ground crew access panels to all models
  • – Solved minor glitch when selecting INOP pages
  • – FCS RESET BUTTON now switches from AUTO to MAN mode, also added button animation
  • – NAV SOURCE can be changed also on ASR, DAS and TFLIR pages
  • – Fixed minor bug preventing correct AoA visualization on HMD
  • – Minor revision to -B and -C markings
  • – Fixed minor bug causing slightly different engine readings in FAB and PCD ENG page
  • – Refined APU exhaust geometry on all models
  • – Fixed minor bug causing aural alert to play even without electical power in some instances


  • – Added USAF 17-5281 livery with Demo Team covers
  • – Added USAF 13-5081 livery
  • – Added JASDF 69-8701 livery
  • – Added IAF 911 livery
  • – Added IAF 909 livery
  • – Fixed minor mistake in Aggressor livery


  • – Fixed minor regressions in 3D model (incorrect UVW) and redone minor details
  • – Changed taileron behavior during STOVL operation to better match the real aircraft


  • – Tweaks to arrested landing and recovery dynamics to improve compatibility with third party carriers
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