New [Video] Recap of FlightSim Studio – E-Jets MSFS

AviationLads produced a new video about the E-Jets MSFS pack of FlightSim Studio, still in Early Access mode. This recap is a very good opportunity to detail the numerous features available from the virtual cockpit, to show the excellent glass cockpit displays and dimmable lights in 3D, and of course some of the options available through the Electronic Flight Bag tablet.

And now, all registered users receive for free the Embraer 170 variant, beside the existing 175 model already included since the beginning ! Next steps of the development will provide the complete LNAV/VNAV features to the autopilot, the custom thrust system simulation, and improvements to the cockpit interactions.

To learn more about this project and to get your ticket to the Early Access, enter Note that new features are added for free to current owners of this product. And at each step of the development, the price is raising a bit. So you can choose to support developers now and get it for a lower price, or just wait for the final product when it’s finished, but the price will be higher.

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