IniBuilds – New York John F. Kennedy MSFS Update 1.0.1

IniBuilds is a popular flight simulation company that creates high-quality add-ons for flight simulators, including Microsoft Flight Simulator. One of their recent releases is the New York KJFK scenery update for MSFS, which has been updated to version 1.0.1.

This update includes several improvements and bug fixes to enhance the overall experience of flying into and out of New York’s John F. Kennedy International Airport. Some of the notable changes include fixes for jetways and terrain elevation issues.

To improve your performance when using this scene, iniBuilds has also published a tutorial in their forum to offer optimized settings in the MSFS settings.

Overall, the iniBuilds New York KJFK scenery update for MSFS is a must-have for any flight sim enthusiast looking to immerse themselves in the busy and exciting world of New York air traffic. With this update, iniBuilds has once again proven their commitment to providing the best possible add-ons for the flight simulation community.

Changelog v1.0.1

– Fixed T8 G1 jetway not moving.
– Fixed T8 G31A jetway gap.
– Fixed T1 G10 jetway clipping through connector.
– Fixed T5 G9 clipping default A320neo when retracted.
– Fixed T1 G9 jetway being too close to parking position.
– Fixed stand A79A and N parking 5F directions.
– Fixed bump on taxiway B between DA and DB.
– Fixed T1 AI traffic levels.
– Flattened bump in runway at DB intersection.
– Gates 9-17 now reaching parked aircraft.
– Flattened bump in 13L/31R.

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