FSDG Accra P3D is a great scenery add-on for Prepar3D V5/V4, featuring the capital city airport of Ghana, Accra, in Africa. With stunning visuals, accurate ground textures, and custom 3D objects, this add-on creates a realistic and immersive experience of the airport.

The scenery covers Kotoka International Airport (DGAA) with custom buildings, realistic ground textures, and detailed ground markings. The airport’s runway and taxiways are accurately modeled, complete with realistic lighting.

In addition, FSDG included more advanced features like the SODE/GSX animated jetways and static aircraft to populate the apron around your position. This last option can be deactivated if you prefer.

FSDG Accra P3D is crafted with great realism and is optimized for the best performance possible. If you would like a beautiful scenery in Africa for P3D, visit the product page right here, at SIMMARKET.


  • Accurate and detailed rendition of Kotoka International Airport, Ghana (DGAA)
  • Interior modeling with 3D humans
  • Optional animated SODE/GSX jetways (free SODElink download necessary)
  • Static aircraft for more realism (can be manually disabled)
  • Optimized for great performance and visual quality
  • Compatible with all known addons
  • Manual included
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