FSX3D – Figari-Sud-Corse P3D 4.5/5

Looking for an ultra-realistic flight simulation experience in a beautiful island settled in the Mediterranean Sea? Look no further than FSX3D’s Figari-Sud-Corse P3D 4.5/5 addon available at SIMMARKET. This airport in the department of Corse-du-Sud is a popular destination for national and international commercial flights, private aircraft, instrument flights, and sight flights. With over 700,000 passengers passing through annually, it’s the third-largest airport in Corsica.

This addon features a perfectly integrated 25 cm/pixel photoreal ground for your global addons in Corsica. Experience AI liners and GA traffic (including A320/321 Air-France rotations from LFKF to LFKC all day) as you taxi down ultra-detailed parkings, taxiways, and runways. PBR on all objects and ambient occlusion on objects and the ground bring the airport to life, while the 1-meter mesh throughout the airport provides a seamless simulation experience.

Custom windsocks (SODE), vegetation, and autogen add to the realism, and rain effects on taxiways, parkings, and the runway create a truly immersive experience. Get the FSX3D Figari-Sud-Corse P3D 4.5/5 addon at SIMMARKET today.

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