UK2000 Scenery – London City EGLC Airport MSFS

Explore the bustling city of London with UK2000 Scenery’s latest release: London City EGLC Airport for MSFS available on SIMMARKET. Take up the challenge of the steep descent at 5.5° to the runway threshold on final approach !

This airport, located in the East end of London, has a rich history of development and expansion since its opening in 1987. With a single 5500ft runway and steep 5.5′ glide path, only certain aircraft types are certified to fly into London City, but it’s a growing list, mainly consisting of EMB170/175 190/195.

UK2000 Scenery’s rendition of London City Airport features highly detailed models of the airport terminals, hangars, buildings, and other facilities. The accurate layout of the taxiway, apron, and stands coupled with realistic ground markings, PBR materials, and stunning night effects provide an immersive experience.

With the addition of static aircraft, animated trains, and airport vehicles, the airport’s bustling atmosphere is brought to life. The scenery also includes a full set of signs, fencing, and vegetation, all rendered in high resolution, ensuring excellent frame rates.

Experience London City Airport in all its glory with UK2000 Scenery’s latest release for MSFS. Don’t forget to install the ‘UK2000 Scenery Common Library’ for the best possible experience.

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