SilverCrest Creations – CYMO-Moosonee MSFS

SilverCrest Creations – CYMO-Moosonee MSFS at SIMMARKET is an exciting add-on for Microsoft Flight Simulator enthusiasts who are looking to explore the beautiful Canadian wilderness. This add-on accurately recreates the CYMO-Moosonee airport, located in northern Ontario, Canada.

Some of the key features of this add-on include high-quality textures and realistic 3D modeled objects, which provide a truly immersive experience. The airport’s layout is accurately modeled, including the runway and parking positions, making it easy to navigate the airport.

One of the highlights of this add-on is the attention to detail given to the surrounding scenery. The airport is situated in a beautiful location, surrounded by lush green forests and winding rivers. The developers have carefully crafted the surrounding landscape to offer a realistic and visually stunning experience.

SilverCrest Creations – CYMO-Moosonee MSFS at SIMMARKET is an excellent choice if you’re looking for an authentic Canadian airport experience. With its high-quality textures, realistic 3D objects, and stunning scenery, this add-on is sure to provide hours of entertainment for flight simulator enthusiasts.

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