Vuelosimple – SANT Tucuman Intl Argentina MSFS

Vuelosimple – SANT Tucuman Intl Argentina MSFS at SIMMARKET is a highly recommended add-on for Microsoft Flight Simulator enthusiasts who are looking for an authentic experience of flying to one of Argentina’s most scenic destinations. The Teniente Benjamín Matienzo International Airport is a bustling airport, and this add-on offers a highly accurate representation of the main terminal building, along with detailed interiors. The control tower, TCA terminal, DPA hangar, and Radar have all been hand-modeled to ensure an immersive experience.

One of the highlights of this add-on is the newly extended 02-20 runway, which can easily accommodate larger aircraft such as the Queen 747. The custom apron and runway textures provide an added level of realism to the airport environment. In addition to the main airport, the add-on also includes correct parking positions in the commercial apron, which further enhances the airport’s functionality.

This is an excellent add-on for anyone who wants to experience flying to one of the most scenic destinations in Argentina, and it also serves as a perfect hub for flights across South America. So, if you’re looking for a realistic and immersive airport add-on for your Microsoft Flight Simulator, be sure to check out Vuelosimple – SANT Tucuman Intl Argentina MSFS at SIMMARKET.

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