Pilot Experience Sim – Maule M7-235 MSFS Update v1.1.0

Pilot Experience Sim has released the Maule M7-235 MSFS Update v1.1.0, packed with significant enhancements based on user feedback. Validated by a real Maule pilot instructor, this update offers an authentic experience. Design improvements include a reworked exterior, updated flaps performances, and the addition of a stabilizer aileron for the float version. The engine design, elevator trim, and tailwheel logical have been updated to match real-life counterparts.

The update introduces realistic features such as selectable engine conditions, including cold and hot scenarios with thermal shocks and spark plug simulation. The doors mechanism now includes locks, wind forces, and realistic collision effects, along with authentic sounds. A thermometer and hour meter have been added retroactively to track flight hours. The inclusion of a complete custom fuel system allows for auxiliary tanks and offers realistic fuel management from the Electronic Flight Bag (EFB). The EFB also features an updated clipboard, editable checklists, and the ability to create personalized checklist pages, plus an updated paintkit.

Pilot Experience Sim is excited to provide this comprehensive update, driven by user feedback and validated by experts. They aim to enhance the realism and immersion of the Maule M7-235 experience, making it an exciting choice for flight enthusiasts.

Changelog V1.1.0 :

  • Validated by real Maule pilot instructor
  • Updated flaps performances
  • Updated exterior design
  • Added float version aileron
  • Updated engine design
  • Updated elevator trim design
  • Updated floaters textures
  • Updated tailwheel logical and turn coefficient
  • Updated doors mecanism included lock
  • Added real Maule doors sounds
  • Added realistic wind force and constrain on doors
  • Updated rudder trim to rudder lock
  • Added thermometer
  • Added horameter
  • Added complete custom fuel system
  • Updated fuel flow to custom
  • Added auxiliary tanks
  • Added selectable realistic engine conditions feature
  • Added spark plugs logical
  • Updated station load positions
  • Updated clipboard to EFB
  • Added loads wheight variables
  • Added fuel load from EFB
  • Added float version anchor from EFB
  • Added paddle movement from EFB
  • Added editable checklist from EFB
  • Updated user manual
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