Cockspur – A22-LS V2 Incoming Update and Aircraft Projects Summary for MSFS

In difference to the current glass cockpit version, the A22-LS by Cockspur will get a new cockpit variant when the version 2 comes out. It’s a promise made by the designer to his community : he will add an analogue cockpit layout that you can preview on the first screenshot at the top.

This update will also improve other items of the ultra-light aircraft, since Cockspur stated that “All textures have been remade from the ground up. The modelling, both internal and external, have been refined and reworked”.

That gives me an opportunity to remind you that their aircraft projects roadmap for MSFS include the following models : 800XP, G650 and the He-162.

Their existing products line can be found at SIMMARKET, including the popular C510 Mustang MSFS, showcased in the 4K video below.

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