miniFCU Confirms Fenix A320 MSFS Support

The makers of the long-awaited miniFCU have now confirmed that the Fenix A320 will support it. This was not clear for a long time because access to the Fenix interfaces via the terms and conditions is not released for commercial purposes. But now there seems to be an agreement !

For miniCockpit, this agreement is worth its own ironically dramatic video:

Here is the official announcement :

“Your voices have been heard and we have incredible news to share with you! We are pleased to announce miniFCU’s support for the coveted Fenix A320ceo.

The Fenix 320ceo is currently only partially supported, with inputs and detectors (no number display). We are confident that this step forward will bring joy and satisfaction to many of our valued supporters while respecting the terms of Fenix. We are currently in contact with the Fenix team and will continue our efforts to clear any hurdles and eventually achieve full support.

We ask you to spread the word about this great news and help us get more support from this strong community to reach our next stretch goal – miniEFIS! Get one now while you can still enjoy the early bird price of $159 !

Stay tuned for more exciting updates as we continue to innovate and improve your combat simulation experience. Let’s climb to a higher altitude!”

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