FSexpo – Lockheed Martin Prepar3D 6 Announcement for July 2023

During the highly anticipated FSExpo event, Lockheed Martin made a groundbreaking announcement that has sent ripples of excitement through the flight simulation community. They unveiled the latest iteration of their renowned visual simulation platform, Prepar3D, with the introduction of Prepar3D 6. This new version aims to revolutionize training scenarios across aviation, maritime, and ground domains, reaffirming Lockheed Martin’s commitment to delivering cutting-edge capabilities and features for next-generation training solutions.

Prepar3D has long been recognized as a versatile tool, utilized in a wide range of learning scenarios. It has found applications in vehicle procedures training, cockpit familiarization, flight planning, air traffic controller training, and emergency response preparation across commercial, academic, professional, and military instruction environments. From visualizing missile trajectories to simulating wildfire response efforts, Prepar3D has consistently proven its value in diverse training contexts.

• Lighting and shadows in Prepar3D are more realistic than any previous version around the globe
• An entirely new atmospheric model that brings unprecedented levels of realism and fidelity
• A streamlined update process, expected to result in significant time and bandwidth savings
• An increased focus on airports, including higher detail lighting models, surfaces and objects, in response to user feedback

The highlights of Prepar3D 6 showcase Lockheed Martin’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of realism and fidelity. Lighting and shadows have been significantly enhanced, resulting in a level of realism never seen before in previous versions. The visual experience is further amplified by an entirely new atmospheric model, which brings unprecedented levels of realism and fidelity to the simulated environment.

Additionally, Lockheed Martin has streamlined the update process for Prepar3D 6, promising significant time and bandwidth savings for users. This improvement ensures a more efficient and seamless experience when keeping the platform up to date, allowing users to focus more on their training scenarios and less on technicalities.

In response to user feedback, Prepar3D 6 places an increased focus on airports. This includes the implementation of higher detail lighting models, surfaces, and objects, further enhancing the realism and immersion of airport environments. As airports play a crucial role in various training scenarios, this upgrade will undoubtedly elevate the fidelity of training experiences for users across different domains.

Jonathon Wells, Vice President of Lockheed Martin Air and Commercial Solutions, expressed his enthusiasm for the transformation of Prepar3D software, highlighting its continuous development and evolution. He emphasized that Prepar3D 6 represents Lockheed Martin’s dedication to providing upgraded capabilities and features that cater to the needs of next-generation training solutions.

With the unveiling of Prepar3D 6, Lockheed Martin has once again asserted its position as a leader in the flight simulation industry. Virtual pilots, training professionals, and enthusiasts alike can look forward to a new era of enhanced realism, immersive training scenarios, and an unparalleled level of fidelity in their Prepar3D experience. As the community eagerly awaits the release of Prepar3D 6, anticipation is building for the next chapter in flight simulation training.

P3D6 License Updates

Lockheed Martin has announced important updates to the license types and pricing structure for Prepar3D v6, reflecting their commitment to meeting the evolving needs of the flight simulation community. These changes aim to expand accessibility while maintaining options for different user groups.

The first significant update pertains to the license types. Starting with Prepar3D v6, the Academic license will be replaced with a Personal license. This change allows users beyond K-12 academic institutions to enjoy Prepar3D within the comfort of their personal residences. The Personal license does require users to maintain an internet connection during use. However, business entities, military organizations, and colleges/universities will still need to acquire either a Professional or Professional Plus license, depending on their specific requirements. More detailed information about these license types will be provided in the End User License Agreement (EULA) upon the release of Prepar3D v6.

In terms of pricing, the Prepar3D v6 Personal license will be available at the same price as the previous Prepar3D Academic versions, priced at $59.95. This ensures that individuals who wish to enjoy Prepar3D for personal use can do so at an affordable cost.

For professionals and organizations with more advanced needs, the Prepar3D v6 Professional license will be priced at $350. This license grants access to a broader set of features and functionalities tailored for business, military, and educational applications. Furthermore, the Prepar3D v6 Professional Plus license, offering an even more comprehensive feature set, will be priced at $2,750.

Developers interested in creating content for Prepar3D v6 can acquire developer licenses. The Prepar3D v6 Professional developer license will be available for $9.99 per month, while the Prepar3D v6 Professional Plus developer license will be priced at $50 per month. These licenses enable developers to access the necessary tools and resources to build immersive experiences for the Prepar3D platform.

Upon the release of Prepar3D v6, all previous versions of Prepar3D will adjust their prices to match those of Prepar3D v6. Additionally, subscribers to the Prepar3D v6 Professional Plus developer license will continue paying their current subscription price as long as their subscription remains active.

These license updates and price adjustments reflect Lockheed Martin’s commitment to providing a range of options to suit the diverse needs of the flight simulation community. Whether for personal enjoyment, professional training, or development purposes, Prepar3D v6 aims to offer a robust and flexible platform that caters to the specific requirements of each user group.

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