DominicDesignTeam – KPHL Philadelphia MSFS Update 1.2

The update version 1.2 of DominicDesignTeam – KPHL Philadelphia MSFS focuses on enhancing realism and improving various features of the airport. Approach lighting systems for all runways have been updated to match their real-world counterparts, providing a more authentic landing experience. The TDZ markings on runways 26 and 09L have been removed, and the Papi lights have been fixed for accurate visual guidance during approach. Additionally, the terminal area has undergone adjustments, with boarding gate heights now closely matching the actual area of Terminals F and A.

The team has re-modeled the JetwayLink and Jetway structures to ensure greater authenticity. Other small updates and tweaks have been made to improve overall accuracy based on ALF information from Jeepseen and FAA. With this update, DominicDesignTeam showcases their commitment to providing high-quality and immersive experiences for flight simmers in MSFS. Users can update to Version 1.2 to enjoy these improvements and experience the vibrant city of Philadelphia and its bustling airport with greater authenticity.

Changelog 1.2 MSFS

  • Update approach lighting systems that reality for all Runway
  • Remove TDZ runway 26 and 09L
  • Fix Papi light
  • Add more LOCALIZER antenna
  • Edit the boarding gate height close to the actual area of Terminals F and A (We have re-modelling the structure of JetwayLink and Jetway )
  • and some small update … (ALF information fitting to Jeepseen and FAA)
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