HiFi Tech – Active Sky P3D V6 Early Access

Active Sky P3D v6 Early Access is available at SIMMARKET, it’s the latest addition to the renowned Active Sky line of weather engines! This cutting-edge product has been specifically developed to integrate seamlessly with the new Prepar3D v6 platform, harnessing its advanced atmospheric engine and a host of graphical and lighting enhancements to deliver an unparalleled weather experience.

ASP6 combines the power of the Active Sky advanced weather engine with the proprietary HiFi DataNet weather network, offering a comprehensive suite of features. Take advantage of flight planning and briefing capabilities, real-time mapping, historical weather playback, voice features, weather gauges, and much more.

By participating in the EARLY ACCESS BETA program, you gain access to ASP6 at a significantly reduced price. Purchasing a license during this phase guarantees you the full release version at no additional cost. While EARLY ACCESS BETA versions may contain some bugs and unfinished elements, they provide an exclusive opportunity to be part of the BETA TEST phase, instead of waiting for the official release.

With ASP6, you’ll have access to a wealth of features that enrich your flight simulation experience:

  • Specific integration with Prepar3D v6, supporting both volumetric and legacy non-volumetric clouds modes.
    Live, Custom, and Historical weather with playback, including historical data spanning over 2 years, allowing you to recreate past weather conditions.
  • Extensive weather data, encompassing surface observations (METARs), surface forecasts (TAFs), global aloft air model data (GFS), significant and hazardous weather information (Sigmet/Airmet), tropical storms/hurricanes, and more.
  • A suite of tools for mapping, planning, briefing, scenarios, and weather searching, enabling you to tailor your flights to specific weather conditions.
  • Voice features, such as ATIS and Flight Watch, along with comprehensive voice briefings.
  • A mobile companion app that provides weather display and control on any device.
  • Advanced radar and precipitation features, cloud detection, in-cloud visibility reduction, and ASCA cloud structure/texture integration available in the legacy (non-volumetric) clouds mode.
    XGauge weather display gauge with an advanced airborne radar simulation mode (compatible with legacy clouds).
  • Advanced wind control and smoothing, delivering a realistic and organic feel to the weather effects.
  • The latest version of the award-winning core weather engine, continuously refined over nearly 25 years.
  • Advanced networking support that eliminates the need for SimConnect network configuration.
  • New add-on folder specification for P3D, ensuring a streamlined installation process outside of the P3D folders.
  • A comprehensive API for third-party developers to integrate seamlessly with ASP6.
  • It’s important to note that when using the new volumetric clouds in P3Dv6, certain features of ASP6 may not be compatible. These include cloud detection features, in-cloud motion effect, in-cloud visibility reduction, high-resolution radar/precipitation accuracy, and ASCA compatibility. However, when utilizing non-volumetric (legacy) clouds, you can enjoy the full range of cloud-detection features and ASCA cloud structure/texture compatibility.

Take advantage of this exclusive opportunity to join the ASP6 Early Access BETA program and contribute to shaping the future of weather simulation in Prepar3D v6. Embark on a journey through the most immersive and realistic weather conditions ever seen in the virtual skies!

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